What is CORN plastic? It's Bioplastics, looks like normal oil-based plastic at first glance, but it's actually

polylactic acid (PLA) plastic made from specially processed crops. You can drink coffee out of it, put

groceries in it, wear it and even hang ten on it on a corn plastic surfboard. Most important, you can turn

corn into plastic and avoid dependency on petroleum. Much like corn ethanol, corn plastic allows us to

make a comparable product out of a renewable resource, as opposed to oil reserves that will one day run

dry. Moreover, If you choose to burn it, you don't have to worry about creating toxic fumes.

We can create the look and functionality you want using a broad range of options, or you can submit

camera-ready artwork. from idea to finished product, you’ll receive quality workmanship and exceptional


Our cards are available in:

Full-color printing on one or both sides

White stock PLA

Inkprinting for numbers or barcode

Overlay on one side or both sides

Embossing for numbers

Standard rectangular size (2-1/8-in. by 3-3/8-in.) with rounded corners

Standard thicknesses (.011-in. to .030-in.), as well as custom thicknesses